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The Corporate Confederacy of Egoistic Markets

“Greed is King”

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Location: Capitalist Paradise



Major corporations that make up CCEM


The confederationís leading mining and energy company as well as head of research into harnessing nuclear energy. At the mean time they power the nation through coal and oil. They arenít worried at all about the environment, but are concerned that mining resources are limited

Red Room:

The main source of entertainment, from casinos that make Las Vegas seem pathetic. Itís also a massive global competitor in the porn industry to the point that many nations banned its website and blocked any of the confederation tv/radio broadcasts.

Big Boy (BB):

This fast food franchise is a gluttonís dream, serving mostly all foods to their customers, making no need for grocery stores as you donít really need to cook again. From Pizzas to burgers, steaks and even a salad. BB also has their own brands of soda which would be classified as a energy drink.


Well known for their addictive weed products, other than that they are a Timber and Paper company as well as fishing and agriculture. But they are well known for their special weed.


A company that creates vehicles from fancy cars to massive freighters and planes. They are also a weapons manufacturer selling all sorts guns and bombs. If you want to buy a tank, go right ahead, just remember that everyone probably bought a couple as well