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The subject of sex

If one desires to show ones body to the public out of self pleasure and/or along with a profit, they should do as they wish especially if they seek profit.

When it comes to consent in sex, thatís a mutual benefit. If one party desires it and the other doesnít, they are free to dispute however they please even if it ends in one party dying. If others want to intervene to boost their ego to protect a individual, they may do so.

Most may find it damaging to their ego to affiliate with someone who forcefully attacked someone.

Porno being sold with the other individual agreeing is not benefiting their and ego and they may dispute how they wish.

Gender roles as well as identity are spooks, but if it pleases someone to be referred as so and other parties choose to mutually support said personís ego by calling them by their preferred pronouns, so be it.

If you wish to be gay or any other sexual orientation in which is a social construct in which case it is a spook. Your free to do so. As for LGBT rights, no one has rights. The social concepts such as families and marriages are spooks as well. In the end of you and another mutually love one other, have multiple partners, etc. so be it