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The Corporate Community of Egoistic Markets

“Greed is King”

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Location: Capitalist Paradise



What is the CCEM

The community is a society that sees the government as well as religions and some morals as spooks.

Here everyone believes that society should run on individual needs, everyone should do as they please and respectfully cooperate with others egoistic needs as long as it is mutually beneficial to both individuals.

For example say one individual wants to murder another individual, this most certainly be unpleasant for the victim therefor they well fight back or protect oneself in which would be in their own personal preference. If an other individual wants to but intervene to help either side, that to would be based on their own interest. Also the individual who murdered someone may have gotten what they pleased but in consequence of others not wanting to commune with them as working with a murderer may hurt ones ego.

The society as one may notice is also heavily capitalistic. Here private property isnít seen as a spook as a individual may please their ego with personal items and private property, as Avarice is strong factor to ones ego. Also, again with mutual benefiting others egos, such things like trading exist along with production to trade more.