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Eastern tatar language BEING REWRITTEN

Eastern Тatar (et. Жьданқршдьгьн Татарща, pronounce jәdanqursdәghәn tatarsha, /'ʒәdankursdəɣən 'tatarʃa/) is an official language of Eastern Tatarstan. It is also spoken in parts of LinkRussia, LinkChina and LinkTurkmenistan, and there is 135 106 127 native speakers world wide as estimated by the State office of information and statistics EBISh. Eastern Tatar is an agglutinative language and it belongs to the Turko-Tungusic language family. Another significant language in this family is the Tungustanian language.

Phonology and writing system
Eastern Tatar uses the Cyrillic script, but Latin is often used amongst Eastern Tatar minorities in Turkmenistan. Eastern Tatar script has one symbol for each morpheme except /ɣ/ and /q/, which occur when the letters г and к are followed by the letter а or ь.


А а /a/
Я я /ja/
Ә ә /æ/
Ь ь /ә/
Б б /b/
Ц ц /t͡s/
Д д /d/
Є є /ε/
Е е /jε/
Ф ф /f/
Г г /g/; /ɣ/ if followed by а or ь
Һ һ /ɦ/
Х х /х/
И и /i/
Й й /j/
К к /k/; /q/ if followed by а or ь
Қ қ /ku/
Л л /l/
М м /m/
Н н /n/
О о /o/
Ё ё /jo/
Ө ө /œ/
П п /p/
Р р /r/
Ш ш /s/
Щ щ /ʃ/
Т т /t/
Ү ү /u/
Ю ю /ju/
Ұ ұ /y/
У у /w/
В в /v/
З з /z/
Ж ж /ʒ/

Unlike Tungustanian, Eastern Tatar doesn't have any degree of vowel harmony, nor a significant assimilation, which results in the language being somewhat jerky and hard to pronounce. Assimilation depends mainly on the individual speakers (foreigners and speakers of the majority of dialects have higher tendency to assimilate sounds). Another two things widely common in especially western dialects are a silent pronunciation of the letter ь when it goes after a consonant and simultaneously it goes before a consonant-vowel pair, and a silent pronounciation of the letter г when it separates two same wovels. The silent pronounciation of г always results in either extra stress between the two wovels, or in merging them into one long vowel.
Often these two phenomenons are combined, which results in the following pronunciation changes: жьданқршдьгьн (eastern) /'ʒәdankursdəɣən/ becomes /'ʒdankursdə'ən/ or /'ʒdankursdəːn/, ага (brother) /'aɣa/ becomes /'a'a/ or /'aː/, олжьльди (because he is in) /'olʒələdi/ becomes /'olʒəldi/.

The stress is always on the first syllable of a word. Monosyllabic words form a single prosodic unit with the following word. In this case only the monosyllabic word is stressed: шол олшанак /'sololsanak/ (so he knows).
Prepositions form a single prosodic unit with the previous word and they aren't stressed: ит тү жєран /'itːu 'ʒεran/ (a dog on the ground). If the preposition stands at the beginning of a sentence, it is pronounced as an independent word and it is stressed: Айналашьнда ялшь Алтанәт /'ajnalasənda 'jalsə 'altanæt/ (Around thousand Altans).



Example text
Lord's prayer
Әкє шарваздарәт, ким шигашпаньда,
шибагаликєлакьзөзжьт ат шигәт,
шишьндақршакьзжьт каганат шигәт,
ашпаньдакє єрикшигәтжєрдажьт.
Нанаү шарваздарәтаү әрбирқнгьнгаү шибєракьзжьт шарваздарньн ошқндє
я шиқбарайакьзжьт шарваздарньн шарваздарәттєраү кинтєраү
шарваздарқбарайакьзтькє шарваздарәттєрньн киняттєрньн,
я шиємєшжанхоргашакьзжьт шарваздараү кь багәрєкәт, бьрта шиданүнатамакьзжьт шарваздараү жавизьнгәт.
Каганат я қш ян даньк Әкєгәт я Үлгәт я Аликєльнгәт Рүхәт олшигәттєрди, ошьндє ян әрбирдє ян уакьттьтєрәт уакьттьтєрдє. Амєн.

Longest word
Because all competent officials could be required to be regularly in the united proletariat commission.


0 нөл
1 бир
2 єки
3 отьз
4 төр
5 бєш
6 алтє
7 зєтє
8 шогьз
9 тогьз
10 түр
11 түрбир
12 түрєки
13 түротьз
14 түртөр
15 түрбєш
16 түралтє
17 түрзєтє
18 түршогьз
19 түртогьз
20 єкитүр
30 отьзтүр
40 төртүр
50 бєштүр
60 алтєтүр
70 зєтєтүр
80 шогьзтүр
90 тогьзтүр
100 жүз
200 єкижүз
300 отьзжүз
400 төржүз
500 бєшжүз
600 алтєжүз
700 зєтєжүз
800 шогьзжүз
900 тогьзжүз
1 000 ялшь
10 000 түрялшь
100 000 жүзялшь
1 000 000 милён
1 000 000 000 милярдь
1 000 000 000 000 билён
1 000 000 000 000 000 билярдь
1 000 000 000 000 000 000 трилён
1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 трилярдь

Decimals are marked with a comma.
34,5916 /'otәzturtœr 'uturyz 'bεs 'toɣәz 'bir 'altε/