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The People's Republic of Davadatopia

“Progress, Equality, Luxury”

Category: Psychotic Dictatorship
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Regional Influence: Nipper

Location: 10000 Islands



𐀙𐀫𐀅 𐀰𐀹𐀁𐀴𐀏 𐀩𐀢𐁒𐂓𐀏 𐀅𐀷𐀅𐀵𐀠𐀀

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Welcome to, the official English internet portal and online point of contact of the People's Soviet Republic of Davadatopia. This site offers general facts and information about our People's Soviet Republic and its environment, language, culture, ideology and revolutionary socioeconomical model.

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  • Overview: general information about Davadatos and the People's Soviet Republic of Davadatopia.

  • Government: detailed information about the government of the People's Soviet Republic of Davadatopia and official point of contact.

  • Writing system: learn the Davadatopian syllabary for easy communication in the People's Soviet Republic. Includes basic information about the Davadatopian language.

  • Constitution: the text of the supreme law of the People's Soviet Republic of Davadatopia.

  • Economy: information about the unique, revolutionary Davadatopian socioeconomical system.

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  • A new online official government portal is opened to the public