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The Dichromatic Mechanism of August

August was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 228

“Quality over Quantity”

Category: Anarchy
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Location: Cape of Good Hope



Flags of August

Last updated on Wednesday February 14th, 2018. If you have grown an appreciation for black and white after viewing this dispatch, please upvote.

The following is a list of all publicly known flags used by August, arranged roughly in chronological order by creation date.

First flag of Novaya Zemlja. Original, 2010.

First flag of The Landlocked Isles. Internet, 2010.

Ridgefield (founder nation and region). Ashnan, 2010.

First flag of August. Original, 2011.

August. Original, 2016.

Conch Kingdom (nation). Original, 2016.

Augustin Proxy. Original, 2016.

Mercantana. Original, 2016.

John-Travolta. Internet, 2016.

Conch Kingdom Naval Reserve (Commanding Officer). Original, 2016.

Novaya Zemlja. Original, 2016.

Spear Danes. Ikania, 2016.

August Speardane. Modified from Ikania's version, 2016.

August4079 (both nation and Discord account). Original, 2017.

I sneakily (obvious spy puppet). Internet, 2017.

The Landlocked Isles. Original, 2017.

September (old version). Original, 2017.

I Ran. Original, 2017.

The Great Lion (old version). Original, 2017.

The Great Lion. Original, 2017.

Flag shades. Original, 2017.

Sparkdawn. Original, 2017.

Joint Task Force (CDR). Original, 2018.

Joint Task Force (personal version). Original, 2018.

September. Original, 2018.

Dawn Founder. Modified from New ex patria's version, 2018.

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Conch Kingdom (region). Original, 2016.

Cape of Good Hope. Original, 2016.

Lands End (old version). Original, 2016.

Conch Kingdom Naval Reserve. Original, 2016.

Cape Defense Force. Original, 2016.

Conch Kingdom Naval Reserve (secondary). Original, 2016.

Augustin Alliance. Original, 2016.

Joint Task Force. Original, 2017.

Ridgefield. Helaw, 2017.

Lands End. Helaw, 2017.

Narnia. Imkitopia, 2017.

Augusphere (personal region). Original, 2018.

Dawn (provisional government). Modified from New ex patria's version, 2018.

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