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National Flag

The Vizier of Asendavia

“Country, Army, Family” Hjalmar XVIII

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
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Regional Influence: Vassal

Location: The East Pacific



The Asendavian Colonies

After the border principalities were established, but still during the time of Asendavian expansion, the Kingdom sent explorers across The Sea of Blades in order to find new lands. After 2 months of sea voyage, the explorers finally found land. The explorers, on finding this new land, sent out a small expedition to scout out the shoreline and find people. After exploring the land and finding no one, the explorers restocked and mode the voyage back. When the explorers came home, they reported their findings to the king. The king soon sent out colonists to inhabit the land which they, uncreatively, called New Asendavia. The colonists were able to successfully set up the colonies without any trouble. After 6 months of exploring farther inland though, they found tribes of the native people. The native people were largely peaceful and even cooperative. Soon, after many years of successful rule, the colonies officially became a part of the kingdom.

The Vizier of Asendavia