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National Flag

The Vizier of Asendavia

“Country, Army, Family” Hjalmar XVIII

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
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Regional Influence: Vassal

Location: The East Pacific



The Traders

Not much is known about the traders except they are a quite new civilization. Although, they aren't exactly a civilization but instead a loose alliance of multiple city states that have claimed the road from Gliat Shea to Asendavia. Well, at least the parts that weren't already taken by Asendavia and Gliat Shea. They also live along and around the shores of Lake Valka. Their system of government seems to be a council including each ruler of the city states in the alliance. Each city-state seems to have its own type of government, but the preferred method seems to be democracy. The traders have also adopted the Ademarite religion.

The Vizier of Asendavia