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National Flag

The Vizier of Asendavia

“Country, Army, Family” Hjalmar XVIII

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
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Regional Influence: Vassal

Location: The East Pacific



The Border Principalities

During the time when Asendavia was still expanding rapidly, some groups of people decided to break away from their homeland and found city-states of varying sizes ruled by princes. These people today are still very similar in religion, culture, and even in appearance compared to their original homeland. When these principalities were established, the king of Asendavia demanded tribute from them because he wanted to extend his power as far as he could and because he once stated that, "No matter what state they are in, here or any other nation. I am the rightful king of every Asendavian man, woman, and child." Every king after him has also stated this line, as it is now an oath each king must take. The demand of tribute from each principality has also been enacted by each king, almost as a ritual by now.

The Vizier of Asendavia