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The Vizier of Asendavia

“Country, Army, Family” Hjalmar XVIII

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Information About Religions Of The Known World

Ademarite - Founded in the year 7 B.A when the knight Ademar was declared Pope by the emperor of Gliat Shea, who despised the current Pope and found a chance in Ademar. When Ademar died 7 years later, the people of the empire and the emperor himself mourned his passing. He was so well loved that a group of people decided to worship him as a god beneath the God On Earth. The new religion spread like wildfire. Within 6 years Ademar was worshiped across the Empire.

Sect of Fire - The Sect of Fire was one of the first religions in the world. When people first "discovered" fire, some people were so mesmerized that they started worshiping it as a greater power on Earth. This religion came to be widespread among the ancient peoples of the world. It was soon displaced though by many other religions and it slowly lost power and influence. By the time Gliat Shea became a great empire, this religion was very small and almost gone. Somehow though, it has survived throughout the years and it just wont leave the world.

Church of the True King - This religion was founded when the brother of one of the emperors disposed his nephew and became emperor. Many people despised the emperor so much that they founded a church around his nephew and they prophecized that one day he would come back and bring a golden age to Gliat Shea like nothing ever seen before.

Chaoticism - This "religion" is more of a cult and a way of life that the nomadic people of the Red Steppes follow. Not much is known about the religion because the people that follow it are extremely secretive. Even its true name isn't known. We only know about it because brave explorers from Gliat Shea stalked a group of nomadic people that followed it and the explorers later wrote about it in their book, People of the Desert.

The Vizier of Asendavia