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The Vizier of Asendavia

“Country, Army, Family” Hjalmar XVIII

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
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Regional Influence: Vassal

Location: The East Pacific



Before Asendavia

Before Asendavia, there was the Empire of Gliat Shea. This great and large empire was founded in the year 1693 B.A (Before Ademar). Not much is known of the beginnings of the Empire or who even founded it. It is rumored though that The God On Earth himself founded it. This Empire though, soon after its founding, started expanding rapidly. It took over its immediate surroundings and then exploded. The army of Gliat Shea was like nothing else ever seen before. The army soon arrived at the shores of Lake Vrolm. During this time, many tribal peoples lived around the lake in peace. The arrival of the army of Gliat Shea changed that all.
The army seized all treasures of the people and massacred them. The Empire moved their own people to the lakes shores to build a great capital of stone. The capital of the Empire took 27 years to build. During this time, many people died in the harsh work conditions the Empire created. When the construction finally finished though, the city was a beauty to behold. It is said that travelers who came to see the city fell to their knees and cried tears of joy, for they had finally seen the most beautiful thing they would ever see. During the time of the construction of the capital though, the army hadn't been idle.
The army had left the lakes shores and ventured into the deep forests and vast plains of the world they were on and settled them. When the capital was built and the first true emperor established, the army came home. The first emperor spoke to the army and said, "Now, my powerful and wise army. What have you brought for me to increase my power and the influence of our people." "Oh great lord." their commander uttered," We bring you the deep forests and vast plains of this world. The tallest mountains and the deepest valleys. We have brought you things no man has ever before seen." The Emperor nodded and gestured for the army to find even greater things and bigger lands, for the first emperors hunger for power and influence was great.
Hundreds of years past and the emperors and their houses came and went, but their power always grew. The Empire soon found the shores of the worlds ocean and felt awed and satisfied with their conquests. "We have finally done it." they thought, "We have reached the worlds end and conquered all we can." The empire, content with its conquests, sat idle and grew. Hundreds of years past again and the wealth and army of the Empire still grew, but so did the corruption of its government and the decadence of its people. Soon, people would finally learn the true meaning of poverty and hunger. And the government too, would learn the meaning of political intrigue and the consequences of corruption and power.

The Vizier of Asendavia