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The Herbicide of 2-4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid

“It’s literally an Herbicide.” Thierry Vanlanker

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Apprentice

Location: Lorania




Casus belli: Stabilizing new Government, public animosity.
Before: A network of Clun spies In Lukania, numbering around 40, meet up in a safe house in Kyiv. And plan a coup.
Leader of the Spies: Ivan Tartaryn, member of the lukanian politburo, considered a possible replacement for the current President. From Poltava
Other important members:
Petro Babyak; Undersecretary of communication in the Lukanian intelligence agency.
Kataryna Andresyuk: Nurse at Kyiv general hospital.
Volodymyr Yovenko: Commander of the 3rd special forces division of Ukraine.
Late one afternoon at Kyiv General Hospital, Current President of lukania Voldymyr Stalonsky walked in a side entrance and proceeded to use the elevator and went to the third floor. This is where they did routine check ups and vaccinations. The nurse, Dr. Andresyuk came to give him a booster shot for one of his previous vaccinations. Hello Mr. President she smiled warmly, and rolled up his sleeve. It is an honor to serve you! She exclaimed. As the president responded little did he know that what he was being given was not a vaccine, it was 60 units of pure insulin. How was this accomplished you may ask? Simple, our friendly communications undersecretary “forgot” to tell his agents to check to make sure the vaccine was what it was supposed to be, and the nurse changed it out.

About an hour later:
Mr. Stalonsky began to feel shaky and tired and decided to lay down for a quick nap. He had been working late the previous night and assumed that was the cause. He would never know that at that moment his blood glucose level had hit 48, and were dropping rapidly. It would eventually make it to the single digits. He went to sleep, and he never woke up.

The news of the Presidents shocking death spread like wild fire throughout the nation and a period of mourning began, though few mourned. In the politburo there was chaos on who should be approved to become the next president, moments later members of General Yovenko’s 3rd special forces unit entered the chamber. The Politburo members were surprised, and that was quickly turned to fear. On the screen in the room a video feed was cast. Showing each of the members families and loved ones. They said that if they did not vote to nominate Comrade Tartaryn there families would suffer. A slim majority, maybe 60% voted to promote Mr. Tartaryn. The members who dissented and there families disappeared in the night, never to be seen again.

Meanwhile, after a brief rubber stamp vote by the oblivious public confirmed Mr. Tartaryn, (who is Eastern Orthodox btw) he began to take action. He requests help from Clun and novamexia, in order to stabilize the government we have decided to declare war on Lukania in order to support the new government and do to public support of integrating provinces into our nation.

We move 300,000 troops to the border with lukania and begin to advance across the border.